The Byron Community Foundation partners with various community leaders, members of the community and nonprofits of all types. Through our community project focus areas, we provide unity and leadership to the community by acting as an effective, independent front for addressing difficult issues and/or advocating for needed programs, services or policies.

Community project focus areas are program areas that focus on particular community issues. Each community project focus area is unique and can be custom tailored to meet the changing needs of the Byron community. The foundation’s Board of Directors reviews the project focus areas to be certain the initiative(s) align with the BCF’s mission; is important and adds value for community members; and will be implemented in ways that benefit the community.

The community project focus areas exist to build a certain level of community leadership within the Byron community. Sometimes the result is an extended initiative in which we take the leading role. Many of our donors choose to join us in these strategic efforts.

The following are the BFC’s project funding areas and some examples projects/programs that can be made possible with your support.

Arts & Culture

Byron community members value & embrace the neighborly spirit. The closeness that each neighborhood enjoys makes Byron a safe & fun place to live. The BCF celebrates & promotes these friendships with the arts & culture focus area.

This could be a partnership to bring Arts In the Park to Byron, sponsoring neighborhood Block Parties or National Night Out, providing grants for residents to plant & maintain flowers on the city ease way in front of their home, or partnering on a Community Clean Up Day, the BCF has the flexibility and vision to make living in Byron even better!

Citizen Development

The community of Byron is comprised of a large array of residents. From the local farmer to the medical doctor or Engineer the needs and development of the Byron citizens’ varieties greatly. The citizen development focus area is set up to recognize, envision, and respond to the needs of the communities’ citizens in the areas of Adult and Senior Citizens, Teens and Young Adults, and Early Childhood Development.

So whether you're the parent of a young child looking for a reading program or a Senior Citizen seeking community gatherings with your peers, the citizen development fund is designed with the flexibility to support all Byron residents and community members.

Healthy Living

Byron residents and the surrounding communities enjoy & value having trails and parks that provide a safe & enjoyable way to exercise and stay fit.

The healthy living focus area is setup to help encourage, enhance and maintain a healthy lifestyle for the Byron community. Grant making is available in the areas of Park and Recreation, Healthy Eating, and Physical Activity. 

Residents enjoy the trails and parks in and around Byron. From playground equipment, ballparks or pet clean up stations, the BCF is committed to growing, enhancing and maintaining these shared spaces for all residents to enjoy.

Eating healthy is an important part of a healthy community. The BCF can partner with local produce providers to bring fresh fruit & vegetables into the city, or sponsor community garden projects, or provide grants to the schools or other organizations to enhance the healthy eating options of its recipients.

The BCF supports citizen driven efforts to promote residents to participate in physical activities at all levels. Whether it's a partnership with the Byron Community Education to provide a free class such as Yoga in the Park or a partnership that creates a low cost shuttle to bring residents to the Rochester Area Y - the BCF is committed to a Healthy Byron!