Our Partners

The BCF recognizes that we cannot make change happen by ourselves. As such, we have partnered with various other organizations to help turn our dreams into realities. Below is a list of the organizations that we have partnered with to ensure the BCF can be successful for many years to come.

Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation - The Byron Community Foundation is organized as an endowed, designated fund of the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF). 

Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation, a catalyst for economic growth, provides the legal infrastructure to the Byron Community Foundation to operate as a charitable vehicle in our community. Funds are managed and invested by SMIF and are restricted for use in our local community. 

SMIF is responsible for compliance with all relevant state and federal charitable giving rules and regulations. In addition, SMIF staff can assist our local volunteers with marketing, fund development, grant making, and planning.

The Byron Community Foundation board is responsible for establishing the mission and priorities, as well as building relationships with local donors and grant recipients.