Become a Donor Today!

The Byron Community Foundation (BCF) aims to make gift giving easy, quick and cost effective for each donor. The resources contained on this page are for potential and current donors to become familiar with current supported project areas and how to establish donor-directed project funds. 

Why BCF?

The BCF works to help each donor realize their philanthropic goals. Learn the advantages of choosing BCF, including convenience and simplicity, flexibility and choice, tax advantages, professional management, public accountability, grantmaking assistance, optional recognition and philanthropic assistance.

Current Project Fund Areas 

The BCF partners with various community leaders, members of the community and nonprofits of all types. Community project funds are program areas that focus on particular community issues. Each community project fund is unique and can be custom tailored to meet the changing needs of the Byron community.

How to set up a Donor-directed Fund

In order to best serve the donor and Byron community, several questions must be asked and answered to ensure the fund creation is clear for both the donor and the foundation. Answering a set of questions before meeting with a BCF member will ensure an efficient process.

Types of Funds

The BCF offers a variety of funds, from donor advised funds for an individual or family to programs for corporations and the more involved supporting organization. Each type of fund, along with the corresponding advantages and specifics, are outlined here.

Professional Advisors

The BCF strives to work with all parties involved in the giving process, including professional advisors. In fact, BCF views advisors as key partners to ensure a smooth process for all involved.